Simply Essentials 3 Tweezer Set


Simply Essentials 3 Pack Tweezer Set

This tweezer set has 3 styles of tweezers and comes in a cute purple case with a mirror inside.

This set includes:

  • POINTED TWEEZERS – With  precision tips, these tweezers are ideal for any task that requires an extra fine head. They’re the perfect surgical tweezers for removing ticks and splinters, and they make great ingrown hair tweezers.
  • PURPLE SLANT TWEEZERS. When used as eyebrow tweezers, these colored stainless steel tweezers let you get your brow line perfectly groomed in no time
  • SILVER PERFORATED SLANTED TWEEZERS. The holes in the arms of these slanted tweezers make them easy to grip. As a result, these make great nose tweezers, ear tweezers and precision tweezers for grooming sensitive areas.

All three pairs are stainless steel, non-magnetic, and professionally calibrated. The best part is they are backed by a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Get your set here!

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