Lomalux Anti-Acne Pills

Lomalux Acne Pill

Natural skin clearing minerals that are dermatologist developed for all types of acne. I have been using these for about two weeks and I am seeing a dramatic reduction in my adult hormone induced acne.


Chewable, fast dissolving and berry flavored. This is the easiest and best tasting acne treatment I have tried. it also works on teen acne and rosacia. The best part they are a homeopathic natural acne solution!

As Acne begins internally where topical acne products can’t penetrate, why use just a band aid? We target the true source for wellness from within.

With just 1 Daily Oral Dose, Acne Pill™ has 5 Powerful Natural Mineral Ingredients to help clear skin from the inside out – by gently stimulating your body’s own recovery response. Acne Pill™ works internally just like a vitamin for clear, healthy skin.

Loma Lux’s Dermatologist Founder, Dr. Steven A. Smith M.D. developed Acne Pill™ as a natural treatment for his own patients. After extensive research and testing, Dr. Smith developed this exclusive natural mineral formulation that has helped thousands upon thousands of acne sufferers for over 20 years.

Used regularly, Acne Pill™ helps stop new acne from forming – for clearer, healthy skin day after day. – Loma Lux

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