EcoWorks Green Gobbler Review


Green Gobbler The ultimate All Purpose Cleaner


I used it on counter tops in the bathroom and in the kitchen It did a great job! It’s pleasantly scented and streak-less.

I love the environmentally friendly formula, and the bottle is recyclable too It comes with 8 pacs to handle a houseful of cleaning and still have more for next time!

For heavy duty messes just add another pac and you have double the cleaning power!

“An excellent formulation that quickly removes dirt, grease and grime while leaving the surface film free. Excellent for use on all surfaces. Cleans and deodorizes in 1 step. Directions: Simply drop 1 water soluble ULTRA PACS pod into spray bottle, add warm water and shake. For heavy duty cleaning, simply add 2 water soluble ULTRA PACS to bottle and add warm water.” – EcoWorks

I got this product free or discounted for review purposes. all opinions are my own!

♥ Stay Geeky ♥

Get it here!

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