Spriak LED Party Light Review


Hey there,

It’s me again, with another product review. Today we are going to look at Spriak’s LED Party Light. The lights are super bright and it has 11 modes. It has a four foot power cord and is remote controlled.

The remote has 12 usable buttons (6 that have no function with this light)

First is the power button. I tried this from multiple places in my house and found it works only with a direct line of sight up to about 16 feet. Next is the Flash button this one operates the strobe function. and the RGB button that displays all 3 colors at once.

The next row is my favorite. It has the Auto button for a random effect and the music 1 and 2 buttons. There is only a slight difference between these two. Music 1 flashes with the music and Music 2 is controlled by sound and without sound there are no lights.

the next row consists of the three solid light options, Red, Green, and Blue. could have quite the interesting effect on a theme.

The last row of usable buttons are two color combos RG, RB, and GB. The red/green makes me think of Christmas and the green/blue underwater.

at the bottom of the remote are Play, Skip forward and back, Mute, Volume down and lastly Volume up. The user manual asks that you ignore these buttons they do not operate any part of the light and are only for “Beautiful Looks”.

I just love this light! It can add flare to any event. I got this one for review purposes. You can get yours here.

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Thanks for joining me!

♥ Stay Geeky ♥



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