DR Meter Make Money at Home


A week or so ago, I came across a work from home program. The Digital Reflections Internet Meter. I thought I should check it out, and since it asked for no money, I signed up. After a fairly short survey I was informed I was invited to participate. Woot! 3-4 days later UPS delivered the meter.

When you open the box the first thing you see is the Step-by-Step guide. under that was the meter. IMG_20170426_130305Its a IMG_20170426_130416small box with colored dots above each port. under the meter is a power cable and an Ethernet cable notice the colored tags. Setup was a breeze. First you plug in the green end to the meter and the blue tagged end of the cable plugs into an empty port in your router. The yellow tagged power cord plugs into the meter last, and tadaa!

I received an email with an install meter button and after some user friendly prompts. We are all set to go. the meter sits neatly behind my router and i have not noticed a change in my internet speed. So for signing up i was awarded 20$ then another bonus 5$ for hooking the meter up within 4 days of receiving it. Also when I receive the email invite I will get an additional 25$ by registering my internet compatible device by the deadline. That should put me at 50$ and that is the minimum redemption amount. Digital Reflections pays out by Paypal, A Visa e-rewards card, A Visa rewards card, or a donation to UNICEF.

Each month you can earn an additional 5$ for keeping the meter plugged in and another 5$ for registering your devices. That’s a possible 50$ on install and 120$ a year just for keeping the meter.

I’ll let you know how it goes when I cash in.

Stay Geeky




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