Epic Clicker Journey

Epic Clicker Journey

Join me CharliS of Rainbow Geek Reviews while I check out Epic Clicker Journey a free to play Indie Steam game.
Come check out this game with me as I fumble through my first look.

This is the story of the almost never made making of: Epic Clicker Journey Review

This video is by far the most cohesive video I have done, the channel artwork is nice in my opinion and it required very little post editing in comparison to other videos i have done. This was also my very first let’s play style game review on my channel and it was one disaster after another until i learned how to do it right. let me tell you about it.


Friday May 13th

9:00am Look its Friday the 13th I should do my first Live Stream …..evil grin……hmmmmm a steam game I think! I mean I did just set up a twitch channel right? might as well…

I head on over to youtube and research how to record my screen during game play. Enter OBS

1:00pm 20 some odd videos later i am sitting with obs ready to go. Prime settings set, web cam sourced, new free to play game on steam. and I press stream and go

1:30pm (first video ambitions) and i have just pressed the stop  button go back to my twitch channel and prepare for half an hour of gaming bliss…      but…    where is it no no no No No NOOOOO  It has to be here!

2:00pm One enormous head ache later I find the check box that clearly tells you “If you don’t check this box  twitch won’t save your videos” grrrrr are you kidding me shouldn’t that start auto checked for the love of all things!! ok ok calm down  try again lets get a new game can’t make a first look if i already played it ok fast forward

9:00pm after hours and hours of bad lighting, crappy laptop, and OBS settings take 2, 3, 6, and 15 I have had enough I am going to bed!!!

Saturday May 14th

8:00am I am up! I am jazzed. I am researching and here is what i learned

My laptop CANNOT stream and record at the same time I need to do about 3 months/years more research OBS settings are the bane of my existence I only have 2 hours of “good” lighting all day

3:00pm here is where we are My webcam on my laptop sucks (no surprise) using my phone as a webcam on my wifi is too bandwidth intensive ok forget streaming what if i just record and upload like a let’s play style ok I’m getting excited again! So game 2, OBS press record

3:20 a whole 20  minutes later and i am going to the capture folder there it is double click that B and what is happening???? is that lag… in MY video seriously??? OMG!

so ensues one ENORMOUS tantrum, OBS is OUT, and I am done for today!

Sunday May 15th

Nothing really! Nothing I so did not want to see youtube, OBS, or a video all day but no worries

Monday May 16th

8:00am After only an hour of tubing I discovered a new way to record games (surprise surprise xbox app!) using my phone to record video (I need a new camera) downloaded another game on steam and ready set go!

8:13am thirteen minutes late nope no ambition for length left but I am watching video and I am dancing around my house singing My own original song titled  “I did it, I did it, I did it, suck it B*&^#s, I did it!”

slap it all into vegas and oh no cue the jeopardy music i have to edit this now…..

3:00pm wipes brow and settles back finally done now to render it all into one video.

5:00pm still rendering

7:00pm yep you guessed it still rendering

9:00pm …..yes still

9:30pm finally! Upload to you tube, tag that puppy, and share it on every social media platform known to man… or at least the 4 or 5 I use.


And there you have it the Epic journey to record Epic Clicker Journey as experienced by one slightly irritated but persistant geek !

You can see all my efforts in the video below and don’t forget to subscribe!!

Stay Geeky



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